Entrepreneur Programs

Introduction of Program

This program is designed for aspiring Professional Traders. If you are an Entrepreneur at heart and passionate about Stock Market Trading, this program is a perfect launch pad for you.

Stock Market Trading is very rewarding if done smartly. All it requires is:

  • Right Knowledge
  • Right Training
  • Right Skills
  • Right Infrastructure

This program delivers each of the above and helps you in ending up as a consistently profitable Professional Trader.
The program starts with the basic theoretical concepts, takes you through various advanced trading strategies and leads you towards practical implementation of all the learned skills and knowledge and puts you right on the path of being a successful Professional Trader.

The Best part is that successful completion of the program gives you an entry right into a Proprietary trading Floor and helps you kick start your journey as a funded Professional Trader.

Program Details

  • Duration 3 Months
  • Mode – Full time – On the trading floor
  • Learn by Trading in Live Markets

Introduction to Markets and Derivatives

  • Basic Market definitions
  • Market Microstructure
  • Introduction to Derivatives
    • Futures
    • Options
  • Options Pricing and introduction to Greeks
  • Options Payoffs
  • Options trading Setups

Advanced Objective Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis. Chart Patterns and indicators
  • Objective Rule formation using Technical Analysis indicators and chart patterns
  • Designing trading Strategies using Technical Analysis
  • Application of Technical Analysis on Options and Options Strategies
  • Learning How to find basic Trading setups using Technical Analysis

Advanced Options and Options Strategies

  • Various Options Strategies including but not Limited to
    • Straddle / Strangle
    • Butterfly
    • Calendar Spreads
    • Vertical Spreads etc
  • Greeks of options Strategies
  • Understanding Volatility and trading Volatility based Strategies
  • Trading Rules using Options Strategies
  • Charting of Options Strategies
  • Application of Technical Analysis on Options Strategies

Training on Grey Box trading Platform

  • Introduction to Black Box trading and Grey Box trading setups
  • Training on Algorithmic trading platform using Mock environment and Live trading environment
  • Understanding concepts of Trading Position Limits, Trading Prices, parities
  • Introduction to various Analytical tools and how to use them to identify trading setups
  • Aspiring Professional Traders
  • Active Traders
  • Aspiring Professional Traders
  • Finance Students
  • Aspiring Algorithmic Traders
  • Candidates who will successfully complete the program will get a direct entry into Proprietary Trading floor as a funded trader.

Anubhav Sethi

He is the key partner in Brightstar Research LLP and also founder and Director of Alpha Six Capital, Member of national Stock Exchange and a Proprietary Trading company.

Anubhav has trading experience of more than 2 decades and has trained more than 200 industry professionals.  He is Chartered Market Technician and has humungous experience of trading in Equities, futures and Options.

Rs. 1,18,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)

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